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Headcases shot on Super 8 in 1989, 60min per episode documentaries featuring Leigh Bowery, Neneh Cherry, Lynn Franks, Rachel Auburn, John Maybury, Kathy Acker, Nicola Bateman, Tom Dixon, Dave Baby, M.C.Kinky, Kenny McDonald, Andrea Oliver, Mark Lebon, Richard Torré, Barnsley, Anna, Poodle, Frick & Frack, Andre, Scarlet ,Drako, Alice Temple, Sipho, Mark Monero, Cindy Palmano, Charlotte, Daisy, Claire Lawrey, Dean Bright, Dalores ,David Holah, Donald, Gabs, Joe Korre, Mary Beth, Mimi, Olivia, Richard Fenton, Serina Powell, Duncan, Tony Chircop, Joel, Justin, Gavin Rossdale, Polystyrene and Slags
Rachel Auburn
Then the film runs with a sequence like this for each 'Headcase' (click on image above to run this clip of Rachel Auburn)
Andrea Oliver
Each pair of 'Headcases' are seperated by a Vox Pop sequence
(click on image above to run this one to "Are you religious, what do you believe in?")

Am currently in the process of re-shooting all remaining living of the original cast for the sequel film with the working title HEAD2HEAD
(click on image above for preview)