London Jewells 1978
30 years ago, prompted by my interest in peoples attitude to photography
I posted an image of myself to all those with my surname in the London phone directory, sharing the same surname merely as an introduction, and asked for one in return

Jewell Letter
I then printed a poster of the response, and posted it back to them, which in turn prompted photos from those
that hadn't previously replied. Next I posted an image of myself to a similar amount of Jewells
found in USA phone directories in order to make a comparison.
In 2009 I used my surname to make a study of current and past portraiture on the internet.
The film contains some 2,800 files titled and presented in alphabetical order and edited to imitate the aspect of multitasking on a computer screen

'Jewell' A Film by Dick Jewell April-August 2010 (133mins)

Jewell (133 min) pt 1(of 5)
Jewell (133 min) pt 2 (of 5)
Jewell (133 min) pt 3 (of 5)
Jewell (133 min) pt 4 (of 5)                                                                                                                                            Jewell (133 min) pt 5 (of 5)